Sponsoring a Guide Dog Puppy is Definitely a Good Idea

Sponsoring a Guide Dog Puppy is Definitely a Good Idea

Dogs are the prime reason for warm, fuzzy feelings, right? And imagine how incredible it would feel to sponsor a dog that will, in the future, change the life of someone with sight loss. You can’t top that! Read on to find out more about sponsoring a guide dog.

Whether it’s to help offer freedom and independence to people with sight loss, or a gift for a friend who really cares, sponsoring a guide dog puppy works on so many levels. Not only are they adorable, these pups will be be trained to truly be man (or woman’s) best friend by offering them support in their everyday lives.

For a small monthly fee, you can sponsor a puppy from the age of six weeks to two years, whereupon they will be homed with someone who needs their help. Your contribution will help towards the ongoing cost of puppy food, dog training and vet bills, guiding the chosen pup on their way to becoming a life-changing friend for someone with sight loss. If you would like to level up, you can even name a puppy which, depending which naming option you choose, may even give you the opportunity to meet the lovely pup. 

The Guide Dogs website gives you the opportunity to pick which puppy you would like to sponsor (you may well fall in love with them all) and, at the end of their training, you will be given the opportunity to choose another dog to support; those good feelings may never need to stop!

In a nutshell, sponsoring a puppy not only helps a valuable charity and someone with sight loss, it also makes you feel good and sorts out every birthday and Christmas gift for the foreseeable future. Oh, and you get regular puppy updates, photographs, a magnet and more. What’s not to love?

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