The Best Family Friendly Mini Golf Courses in London

The Best Family Friendly Mini Golf Courses in London

In the crazy rhythms of everyday life, we ​​hear more and more often that the family must spend time together, and in fact, quality time. So it’s time to redefine quality time with our family members. In the family’s case, it may refer to an activity that makes sense to both parents and children, or it may be the time in which the family has the opportunity to get to know her better, to share her thoughts and feelings.

Practically it could mean turning off the phone when reading with the child, really listening to him while walking, allowing him to be actively involved in matters that concern him so that his thoughts, feelings and concerns can be heard, to provide him with an environment of security and trust. Another ideal activity, if you are in the London area, is a family mini-golf game in one of the dozens of venues in the city. But let’s look at them in more detail:

Putt in The Park

A beautifully designed venue is decorated with various outdoor bridges, barriers, water, and rocks that give an exceptional character to the venue, located in the centre of London! So you can enjoy the game with your family members, with different types of holes, choosing the level of difficulty with which you will compete with the others. Of course, the most challenging holes are also more demanding, but they are highly recommended for those of you who are looking for an extra challenge.

Dinosaur Escape

At Dinosaur Escape venue, the game of mini golf will take on a completely different perspective. A place that is decorated with prehistoric dinosaurs is definitely a place that will catch the attention of our little friends. In a total of 18 holes, you will compete with your loved ones through live sounds, images and memories from the prehistoric past. Follow the appropriate “path” to be able to achieve your goal, discovering along the way the true magic of this game.

Topgolf Chigwell

If this is the first time you want to experience mini golf, then Topgolf Chigwell is the place to get in touch with this game. Its new and modern facilities offer you all the means to play comfortably, without the pressure and stress that you may have had elsewhere. Microchip balls, points on digital boards and modern courts are all waiting for you in the area to enjoy the game of golf as it deserves.

Plonk Golf Venues

Plonk Golf has contributed significantly to the promotion of crazy golf in the city of London with dozens of venues throughout, where hundreds of visitors visit each week to enjoy unique moments of fun and relaxation. The element that makes Plonk Golf’s facilities so special is its excellent themed courts, which have been built by the company’s creators, with the previous service in the construction of the set. Now you too have the opportunity to enjoy family friendly crazy golf with at great offers and prices.

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