What to look out for while traveling to Cyprus

What to look out for while traveling to Cyprus

According to legend, the goddess of love and beauty was born here before sailing ashore on a shell. The waterfront is one of the many unique natural attractions of the eastern Mediterranean, which has been divided since the Turkish invasion in 1974. 

From the sun to its beautiful beaches, hiking in the Troodos mountains, hiking and cycling in the beautiful Akamas Peninsula, swimming in hot springs, here are some of the best things you can do and see in Cyprus when travelling here. Like the ability of the goddess Aphrodite to attract her lovers, Cyprus manages to captivate with a magical charm all those who put her even for once in their travel world!

Kolossi Castle

Kolossi Castle is a castle outside the village of Kolossi in Limassol. During the Middle Ages, its dominant function was to store stocks of cane, a crop for which the area was known. A visit to this castle is a reminder of the valuable role of Cyprus in history. The castle, now though a ruin, still bears the glamour of its former owners on its walls and a visit is a must for all tourists with a keen interest in history.

Limassol Zoo

The Limassol Zoo is proud of its function as an educational and scientific space. It is dedicated to the study, conservation of animals, i.e. their care as well as to the increase of the population through their breeding program. The zoo is home to hippos, various birds, otters and many other animals. It may not be the largest zoo globally, but surely every visitor to the area should give it a try.

Limassol Marina

One of the things you should definitely do in Cyprus is to visit the Limassol Marina, which is the culmination of luxury in Cyprus. It is a cosmopolitan hub for seaside properties with stunning sea views, shopping opportunities, food, cruises and exclusive beaches. Activities you can take part in include water skiing, windsurfing, diving, sailing and fishing. Cyprus could combine Eastern and Western culture, and the Limassol Marina perfectly shows it.

The Castle of Limassol

The first record of the Limassol Castle dates back to 1228. In addition to the chambers and corridors that extend, it also houses a large basement that has undergone extensive renovation and decoration. There are basilicas dating back to the early Christian occupation, Byzantine monuments and building blocks bearing medieval seals. The castle of Limassol is a real-time capsule of the great empires of history and the living history of the island. This is just one example of the countless beautiful monuments that adorn the Cypriot coast.

Worth doing in Cyprus: Flying Adventures

Tired of exploring from the ground and do not know what else to do in Cyprus? Why not fly over it and see beautiful panoramic images? In Cyprus, there are companies that can offer you the incredible opportunity to fly high over the Cypriot landscape and enjoy the beauty below you. They contribute to renting all the equipment you will need and parallel parachute experiences with professional staff.

It is almost certain that you will love the country of Cyprus and you will definitely return to visit it. You probably love it so much that you decide to start your own business in that country. With an ever-growing economy and favourable legislation for all businesses, setting up your business in that country is a wise choice. But before you start, you should consult a trusted and reliable local lawyer who knows the relevant legislation and will support you throughout. You can trust the online legal consultancy with oikonomakislaw.com for excellent results for your business activities in the country of Cyprus and enjoy all the profits that this country can offer you.

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